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The “Friends of Aria School” Group was established to handle the fundraising side of school life.
The question is often asked “Why do we need to do all this fundraising when education is supposed to be free?”.
Yes we are funded to a barely operational level by the Ministry of Education (Government) but there are many programmes, activities, facilities and so on that we have come to expect in our school that can only happen if we contribute a significant amount to our annual budget from community fundraising.
This year’s fundraising will be used to pay for Teacher Aide hours, swimming tuition, school trips and all out of school activities such as Senior & Junior Camps, Fonterra Science Roadshow, Field Trips etc.
We believe very strongly that all students not achieving close to/or above the appropriate National Standard will receive a support programme to address their needs/gaps in learning. These programmes are currently addressing needs in reading (Toe by Toe, Quick 60 etc.) and Maths.
Students with ‘gaps’ in their learning must make more than a years’ progress each year if they are to catch up to where they should be. This requires intensive learning programmes that are at the correct level.
Our board feels very strongly that increasing Teacher Aide hours, although it comes at a significant cost, is extremely beneficial for children involved in the ‘catch-up’ programmes.
To find out more please feel free to attend a Board of Trustees’ meeting.
Aria School Trail Bike Ride
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