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General Description of the School Swimming Pool
Aria School is one of the oldest schools in the district beginning in 1908 with 11 pupils. The first building was erected in 1909 and still stands today and serves as the Aria Playcentre.
The school has three permanent classrooms with an Administration Office, Principal’s Office, Staffroom, Kitchen, Art Room, Resource room and large Library and Technology rooms attached.
We have 26 computers; 16 in the three classrooms, one in the administration Office, one in the Library, one in the Principal’s Office, the remainder in the Technology Room. In addition to the 26 computers we also have 16 Mobile Laptops (in use throughout the school). All computers are networked. The junior class has an interactive white board and the other two classes have data projectors.
The school has a strong I.C.T. focus as an integral part of the teaching process and has completed a three year Cluster ICT Professional Development Project. The Principal and three staff members have school based laptops for their own use.
Play Ground A large playground includes concrete areas, a 12 metre shade area, a large fixed adventure play area, a fenced turf surfaced tennis/netball court, covered sandpit, solar heated and covered swimming pool with shade area and a rugby/soccer/hockey field. Extensive gardens and a native tree area add to a great rural school setting.
Staffing… Aria School has a professional and highly motivated staff who strives to give the best education possible. The school is staffed at present by…2 x full-time teachers, 2 x part time teachers, a full time Office Manager/ICT Support/Teacher Aide, part time Teacher Aide, a part time Te Reo Resource person, a cleaner and lawn mowing contractor.
Cultural Perspective
Turf Court The school’s curriculum values the unique position of Maori in New Zealand by providing a variety of programmes and opportunities that develop an awareness of things Maori and the Maori Language. Parents and staff work together in supporting an agreed culture of oneness within the community. Marae trips, the whole school “Te Reo me Tikanga Maori” programme and the work of our Maori support teachers all contribute to developing student understanding and awareness of the Maori language and culture. Our children participate in an annual Whikoi mo te Reo competition where all children have a chance to speak publicly in te reo.
Our Kapahaka group focuses on festival appearances as they occur during the year. Kapahaka is part of our Art’s programme and is offered to all children.
Consultation with our Maori community occurs regularly as all Parent/Caregiver consultation does. Our Maori community feels strongly about not being identified as a special group.
We are confident that students at Aria School are receiving a balanced overview of the richness of our New Zealand heritage.
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