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- Pam Voyce
Teachers - Sarah O'Connor, Heather Pease, Marie Te Huia-Warren & Pam Voyce
Teacher Aides - Peter Holbrook, Shahnee Johnston & Nicole Hurley
Office Manager - Nicola Alcock
Cleaner - Carol Tilyard
Board of Trustees Members
The Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for the school, including responsibility for property, personnel, financial management, reporting to the Ministry and school community, and meeting the requirements of the National Administration Guidelines. The board ensures effective delivery of the curriculum, establishes goals, develops and reviews policies, monitors performance of the staff and of the principal. Next BOT Elections to be held in 2019.
Our Board of Trustees members are:
Catherine Terry (Chair, Parent Representative)
Bevan Brown (Parent Representative)
Dani Darke (Parent Representative)
Apolline Komene (Parent Representative)
Natasha Richardson (Parent Representative)
Pam Voyce (Principal)
Sarah O'Connor (Staff Representative)
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